Excess Baggage services

excess Meaning that we will take care of your luggage which is greater in weight or in number of pieces than an airline can carry free against very cheap fees comparing with Air lines excess weight tariff.

Passenger luggage that exceeds the limits for weight, size, or number of pieces allowed by a particular carrier. Excess baggage requires payment of additional freight and may be sent separately as cargo and not as accompanied baggage , we are here to save your money and your efforts , just deliver the cargo to our staff at the Counter No.388 at Cairo Air port ,terminal 3 catch your flight , put your head on Ease , enjoy your trip and receive your shipment at your destination within maximum 48 hours of receiving and many times Less than that time which is maximum and if you’re lucky , we can finds a space in your same flight , but this so rare and not commitment from our side.

Rockit Excess BaggageIn addition to the a/m standard services , we are can also arrange to pick up your luggage From your House to airport with a pre arrangements with our staff in Charge.

We can arrange to pick up these luggage enough time before your flight time schedule To arrange for this service you can come directly to our boarding Counter No388 or you can call the phone mentioned below in order to make sure that some one will be at your services At the time of departure.


Personal Effect Services 

Rockit - 1

We have the know-how and experience to package and prepare almost anything for transport. Clothes Antiques , Furniture .paintings ,Master piece ,H hold , China ware, Electrics , Computers , Cars , Etc,

Our team take pride in ensuring your goods have been packaged with the utmost care and skill … so you can relax. We take a serious look at your requirements and design a solution that is both cost effective and 100% safe for transport.

We are ISPM15 compliant and meet & exceed all international packaging standards. All our work is stamped compliant and declarations can be issued, as required.

Rockit -6Just Call us to make the necessary survey for your Effects , then we quote you our best prices ,after getting your approval , we decide the days and time for packing , then book for your shipment whether

By Air or by Sea , then we pick up the shipment to Air port or the Seaport according to the nature , size and your needs to send your shipment to your destination.




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